About Us

Our Mission

Work Clean provides basic necessities for your workplace. We deal directly with wholesalers and are able to offer competitive pricing for things that you need to keep your employees safe everyday. 

As the world re-opens post-quarantine, we aim to provide high-quality and reliable PPE for offices and stores. 

In a response to COVID-19, there was a massive demand for PPE products. Familiar brands cleared off of shelves and we were left with awful smelling hand sanitizer and no protective masks. Unsatisfied with the quality of products and limits on quantity - we decided to source the PPE for you and your co-workers. 

Our wholesaler partners produce best in class products for stores akin to Walmart so you know you are getting a standard quality product when you order from us. Our masks and hand sanitizers are sourced from all FDA registered laboratories and tested appropriately so that we can get you the best quality products. And our relationships with our suppliers helps us keep our products affordable for you.


About Work Clean


With a background in corporate travel, we’ve seen first-hand how businesses have struggled to get their wings back during this pandemic. A primary challenge in getting back to work is protecting ourselves from spreading the highly contagious COVID-19 virus. 
Counterfeit and low-quality products have flooded the market and quality has been inconsistent.

We weren’t happy with the lack of masks and awful smelling hand sanitizers, so we decided to source these products ourselves. Our mission is to find high-quality PPE that you can get on a consistent basis. We hope to get you back to what you do best, and get work clean.