Best Practice Workplace Safety Guidelines

Here are sample guidelines that you can use with your office as you open.

To assemble these, we have follow the recommendations and guidelines made by the CDC and OHSA to ensure the safest environment for everyone.


  • Prior to coming to the office, you will need to take your temperature. If your temperature registers 100.4 or above, please stay home. 
  • Please allow yourself extra time to get to work. Millions of people will be returning to work and you may choose to wait for a less crowded mode of transport or use alternative transportation. Take your time. 


  • No mask. No entry: Masks must be worn during the entire time at the studio, including arrival.
  • There is a limit of one person in the elevator at once.
  • Outside beverage cups or food containers must be disposed of in the entryway trashcan before you head inside.
  • Use the hand sanitizer located in the product display area prior to heading inside.
  • Umbrellas must be kept in your personal space and not in the umbrella stand, which will be removed during this time.
  • All personal items including backpacks, purses, jackets, etc., must remain with you. It will feel hotter when working in a mask.
  • The way to minimize transmission is to mimic the outdoors. This means that even while the air conditioner runs some windows will also be open. In addition, a new freestanding floor fan and a window fan must be running when people are in the space. Though it may seem wasteful, it is necessary.


  • Seating at communal tables will be six feet apart in each direction.
  • All phone calls must be made wearing a mask. If this is not possible please take your phone call outside.
  • The conference room will be limited to two people at one time.
  • For meetings that require privacy, please consider having it outside, in a Google Meet/Zoom, or at home. Please schedule meetings as far in advance as possible and inform everyone.


  • No food delivery at this time.
  • Food must either be brought from home or picked up by you personally.
  • If you pick up food to be eaten in the office, please use a disinfectant wipe to first clean the container, remove food from the container, place the container in the appropriate trash bin, and wipe down the counter with a disinfectant wipe.
  • After eating please wipe down your work area.
  • If you are bringing food from home please use a disinfectant wipe to clean the container prior to putting it in the fridge.


  • The kitchen is limited to one person at a time.
  • You touch it, you wipe it. All surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom must be wiped and disinfected including toilet seats, sink handles, light switches, door knobs, refrigerator, toaster oven, coffee machine, Brita filter, etc.
  • When traveling between rooms please use a disinfectant wipe to handle all door knobs.